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Learn about our warranty conditions, clarify doubts and report any problems with the equipment purchased. Our technicians will answer all your questions.



For greater security and tranquility of the domestic consumer, all Red Pod productshave a 24-month guarantee against manufacturing defects;

In the case of professional use this warranty is 6 months.


Red Pod products are renewable energy heating equipment and must be installed by qualified professionals in accordance with the regulations in force in each geographical area and in accordance with the installation instructions given in the instruction manuals;

These equipment must comply with all the rules regarding chimney assembly;

An installation that does not comply with the regulations in force and / or the instruction manual will not be under warranty of the equipment, as the use in noncompliant situations may damage or contribute to the prematurely aging of the equipment;

All Red Pod products require maintenance with a periodicity referred to in the instruction manual and in the case of pellet equipment, referred to in the equipment itself;

The Red Pod warranty is valid for products and equipment sold by Red Pod. solely and exclusively within the geographical and territorial area of the country where the product was sold by Red Pod.


Components in direct contact with fire, such as burners, vermiculite, deflector plates, sealing cords, glass, igniter;

Failure to use the recommended fuel by the manufacturer, generically firewood with a moisture content higher than 20% or pellets with or without certification other than EN14961-2 grade A1;

Problems generated by bad installation, condensation, external equipment failures, lack of cleaning and / or maintenance in the recommended time frames;

For a more precise information on the warranty conditions, we advise you to read the general warranty conditions carefully.


To request technical assistance for Red Pod equipment you must register on our website. If you are already registered just sign in. For questions about registering as a customer, please contact our customer service: apoio.cliente@red-pod.com.

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